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Volunteers for Libraries

Volunteers for Libraries

Welcome to Volunteers for Libraries!

This website provides library staff with resources to build better library volunteer programs. Inspiration for this website is taken from California State Library’s state-wide initiative, ‘Get Involved: powered by your library.’

The Australian content available here has been submitted by Victorian public library services for the benefit of the profession. As well as local content, each page links directly to a wealth of US resources that have been generously made available to us by the Get Involved team.

This website and associated research was wholly funded by the Library Board of Victoria’s Barrett Reid Scholarship, which enabled me to undertake an internship with California State Library in 2014 to investigate best practice in library volunteer programming and engagement. At a strategic level, volunteer engagement is fueled by high-impact, skills-based volunteer opportunities in a project delivery context. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck thinking of things for volunteers to do, this website is for you!

The aim of this portal is to enable and support library staff to better engage with volunteers, share best practice and minimize risk.   If you have any resources that you’d be willing to share on this site, please do so!